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Services Designed With You In Mind


Digital social media
Promotions Services
Artist Development

Positive TV Global will do 5 to 10 minute interviews with artists, ministries, creatives...etc and will debut your video, promo, trailer to our global audiences

Creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for all types of events from concerts, award shows, artists showcases, banquets, musicals...etc while providing creative instructions to guests and attendees

Positive TV Global will brand you as an artist through the various forms of PR/Marketing avenues that we've developed over an extensive time frame... our team can provide a one stop shop for all of your promotional needs.  Use the banner to the right and set up your consult with us today

Our team of experts can help you with artist development ranging from stage presence, image consulting, how to properly network at events and social gatherings... if you need someone to listen and give you a professional industry critique of your music we have some of the best writers and producers in our associations that can ensure you are ready for mainstream exposure before you spend thousands of dollars on a project that may need more development.  Help is only a few clicks away.  Contact us for a consult today

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